About us




Turtle Hi-Vis (THV) originated as a passion project during Andrew Rockwell’s time at the University of Oregon. After settling down in Bellevue, WA, Andrew continued to develop his product. Currently, Turtle Hi-Vis operates as a sole proprietorship in Mercer Island.

Andrew has designed this product to solve a specific need in the cycling community for improved visibility. Cyclists will directly benefit from improved visibility by having a greater sense of confidence on our roadways. By improving the safety of our riders we can help encourage more eco-friendly transportation in both rural and metro communities.

Despite having a full time job conducting land acquisition and development for LGI Homes; Andrew manages to drive forward with his passion project because it is simply a fun thing to do. THV is aiming to incorporate a community connection in the greater Seattle area to help support riders with the necessary safety gear to commute via bicycle. If you have any suggestions please leave us a comment in our “Contact Us” page.

THV is the first round of manufacturing their sole product the turtleGLO CVR. The company is entering into a product launch stage where the first 100 units manufactured will guide the start-ups business path.